The Buckswood School Difference:
A very British education

Respect, Tradition, Integrity and Honour.

The legend beneath the regal lions adorning Buckswood’s coat of arms reads: “Ad Vitam Paramus” or “We are Preparing For Life”.

But what sort of life do we want for our children, and what skills will they need in order to be successful?

At Buckswood Hong Kong, we are building on a fine heritage of British education that truly prepares every scholar that passes through its doors for a successful global life. A Buckswood Hong Kong education instills a can-do spirit of adventure in its scholars who are willing to try something new, understanding that failure is not to be feared, knowing that new experiences make for richer people. A wealth of stimulating and thought-provoking activities and opportunities are complemented by traditional classroom studies. The Buckswood approach opens the mind and produces well-rounded and interesting individuals, equipping scholars with an East meets West approach that enriches their educational journey, and gives them the advantage in the Business World – Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow.

When your child becomes a Buckswoodian, he or she is joining a long history where some of the traditional values and manners are as important as academic rigour. Following English public school tradition, prefects and staff wear gowns and every scholar wears their uniform with pride and a sense of honour. A scholar’s first year at Buckswood Hong Kong is spent as a Buck, learning the Buckswood ways, the customs, and taking on roles of responsibility. Scholars address staff as ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’am’; will rise from their seats when any adult enters the room; will greet you with a cheerful “Good morning” and learn to look others in the eye and have a firm handshake. In a world where these standards are notable by their absence, at Buckswood they form part of the rhythm of everyday life. Deportment and decorum are essential life skills that the Buckswoodian learns at the school.

Every situation calls for and teaches scholars the behaviour that will serve them in the future. From impeccable manners in the dining hall, to speaking correctly and presenting one’s self elegantly and with confidence, the Buckswoodian thrives and is comfortable in any social setting in any country.

At Buckswood Hong Kong we recognise that every scholar is an individual, born with a unique set of talents and abilities. The net of opportunity is cast so wide that as talent is discovered it is nurtured and cultivated, so that every scholar’s potential is fully realised. We want each child to be able to stand up on his or her own two feet and be able to tackle any situation and they must learn that life is not a computer game. This is achieved through our dedicated staff, who understand that teaching at Buckswood is a calling, a vocation but not just not a job. Every Buckswoodian receives an education tailored to his or her own aptitude. Buckswood’s small class sizes, expert subject specialists and the uniquely inspiring environment, come together to produce an educational experience unlike any other, where success is the only outcome.